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G.I.&E, Italy .
Gas turbine Transition Pieces & Combustion Liner

G.I.&E. manufactures components (hot parts) for the large majority of the turbines produced by Nuovo Pignone and for some turbine models made by General Electric.

The turbine components include:

Gas conveyors (transition pieces)
Combustion chambers (cap liner)
Nozzles and shrouds
External casings for combustion chambers

More information at www.gie.it

Mongodi Group, Italy
Self Lubricating Bushes

Set up in 1986, the group carried out an intensive research programme, which, combined with considerable investments, have enabled it to develop the state-of-the-art technologies currently adopted on the production lines. The company started the production and wide-scale marketing of its products in 1990 and since then, the products have achieved rapid success on all the principal markets worldwide.


High load capacity
Self-lubricating under dry operation
Low static and dynamic coefficient of friction (no stick-slip effect)
Minimum wear and excellent operating life
High chemical resistance and compatibility with fluids
Wide range of operating temperature
Good thermal conductivity
Good eletrical conductivity
Minimum dimension
Ease of fitting
Standard items available and special items on demand
Excellent performance / cost ratio

More information at www.technymon.it


Zibo Vacuum Equipment Piant Co., Ltd - China .
Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

In 1959, Boshan Vacuum Pump plant was founded as one of initiation enterprises of China latter-day vacuum industry . Products were applied in the basal manufacture. 2X series vacuum pump were applied in the national carrier rocket engineering. In 1985, rename Zibo Vacuum Equipment Plant and become key enterprises of national vacuum obtaining and application equipments. In 1996 Joint venture with Germany Siemens Company. Enterprise have been growing with the introduction of new products with superior features and benefits in the areas of efficiency, reduced water consumption, serviceability, quality etc. In 2000, system changing,become Zibo Vacuum Equipment Plant Co., Ltd. During this time, enterprise boosted up quickly.and set up Shandong P.R. Vacuum Equipment Engineering and Technological research Center. Achieved an excellent advancement based on the science technology and became well known in many industries and applications.


SKA series water ring vacuum pumps and compressors
SK, SZ,SZB series axial suck & expell single-stage water ring vacuum pumps and compressors
JSKA series water ring vacuum pump packaged system
SKB series radial expell double-function single-stage water ring vacuum pumps
SKC series water ring vacuum pump and compressor
SY,2SY series water ring compressors and packaged system
2SK series double-stage water ring vacuum pumps
2SK-P1 double-stage water ring vacuum pumps
SKA-SK series water ring vacuum pumps with one-stage air ejector system
LLY,2LY series CL2 liquid ring compressors
2LYG600 high-pressure CL2 liquid ring compressor

More information at www.czssv.com/eng




Qidong Shanghai Strength High pressure Oil pump Factory- China .
Jacking Oil Pump

Shanghai, Jiangsu Qidong of the high-pressure pump plant isa joint-stock enterprises. Production series CY14-1B high-pressure axial piston pump and CY-Y series of pumps and motors group XMF40L-axial plant Saima Da professionals, product specifications have 1.25,2.5,5,10,25,32,40,63, 80,160,250,400 ml / r, a variable type C, Y, D, S, M, P, L, Z, MY, BCY, is the most full specifications, the largest variable type CY series of one of the pumps manufacturers , But also production A7V series of inclined pump.

For the open system, with constant power and constant pressure, and other variables control. Oil-Control does not need outside sources, no swing-cylinder, the sphere with oil, a compact, small size, light weight, high-pressure, high-speed, automatic on the heart, stability, low-speed, low noise, long life, can Radial force to bear, free installation, the Higher Media advantages.

More information at www.qdslyb.com.cn



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