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ams-anlagenbau, Germany .
vacuum impregnation plants

We as a world-wide operating manufacturer of process-plant technology have only one intention: To optimize your production. With our know-how we are able to develop and build high performing, trend-setting and long-lasting systems. From the fist idea up to manufacturing, start-up and After Sales Service - experience modern style of engineering combined with enthusiasm for quality and feasible solutions.

System solutions for all known impregnation-procedures (dipping, trickle, roll-dip, current-UV) for different applications in electronics, electric machines, metal cast-parts-, carbon-, composite-materials-, paper- and wood-industries. Manual or fully automatic operation - always individual, always customized.

More information at www.ams-anlagenbau.de/en

Centrifugal Compressors

SVK series are basically introduced from Demag VK series and developed by SBW itself. SVK series compressor is divided into 8 models based on different discharge pressure and application condition. Each model suits one range and 1 to 4 stage compression can be applied as per working requirement.

SVK series compressor has one inlet guide vane (IGV) for capacity control. IGV is the most economical method for optimizing operating performance of compressor in the whole working range. The IGV can be adjusted automatically based on the actual operating condition at site. Both constant flow and constant pressure can be realized as per customer requirement.

There are two arrangement models for SVK series compressor supplied by SBW.

Composition of mode A: One total package constitute of compressor, gearbox, inter-gas cooler, lube oil system together. The bas frame is also served as the base plate. This structure is mainly applicable for small capacity compressor.

Composition of mode B:
For bigger capacity unit, we have another choice that is to supply the compressor, gearbox, inter-gas cooler, lube oil station, driver and other parts in a big rigid frame. Normally the unit is dispatched in loose three parts, compressor, driver and frame with lube oil system and gas cooler inside.

Design information :
SVK series compressors have already been widely used in many fields. Some of them have also been shipped to overseas such as India, NorthKorea etc.

More information at www.sbw-turbo.com





Steam Turbines

Qingdao Jieneng Power Station, Engeering Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to QJPS)is situated in the center of Qingdao and enjoys remarkably convenient sea, land and air transportation, really an ideal place for domestic and foreign friends to make investment, cooperation and tourism. QJPS founded in 1997, is subsidiary of Qin,gdao Jieneng Steam Turbine Group Co., Ltd., a famous company of turbine industry in China. QJPS is an independent entity and is eligible for import and export business. QJPS is a specialized company mainly engaged in the export of complete plants, in the contracting of engineering projects overseas and at home as well as in the import and export of machinery, electrical and instrumental products for power industry. Main business scope:


1×30MW Power Plant
2×15MW Power Plant
1×2.5MW Power Plant
Other Power Plant

More information at www.jnpower.com



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